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2020: Habilitation (professorial thesis - Sorbonne University)

2004: PhD in Biology (University of Namur, Belgium)

Present position            Senior scientist, Team “Non-coding RNA, epigenetics & genome fluidity”, Curie Institute, Paris, France

 Research activities

* Since 2010: “Non-coding RNA, epigenetics & genome fluidity” lab (Dr A. Morillon), Curie Institute, Paris, France.

* 2005-2009 (post-doc #2): “RNA metabolism” lab (Prof. D. Lafontaine), ULB (Belgium).

* 2004-2005 (post-doc #1): “Physiogenomics” lab (Dr P. Thuriaux), CEA-Saclay, France.

* 1998-2004 (assistant/PhD student): “Molecular Genetics” lab (Prof. J. Vandenhaute), UNamur (Belgium).

* 1998 (fellowship): International Livestock Research Institute (Dr Roger Pelle), Nairobi (Kenya).

Skills                Molecular biology; yeast genetics

                        RNA biology; NGS (total & small RNA-Seq, Ribo-Seq, Chip-Seq, NET-Seq, CAGE-Seq)

                        Bioinformatics (bases of R)

Production        Publication of 32 manuscripts; 2 book chapters (in press). H-index = 21 (Google Scholar).

20 oral presentations during international meetings, 17 invited seminars, 25 posters.


Fellowships      EMBO (04-06/2003) & FEBS (09-11/2003) short-term fellowships.

                        SFBBM (2022) – international meeting fellowship.


* University of Namur - assistant of Prof. J. Vandenhaute (1998-2004): lectures, tutorials, lab works & seminars (+/- 150 hours/year).

* University of Brussels (2007-8): organization of 2 lab works entitled “Proteins-Nucleic Acids Interactions” (BMOL-F-429, 4 ECTS) and “Gene Expression Profiling” (BMOL-F-428, 2 ECTS)

* Curie Institute

- 2012: INSERM workshop “Diversity of the non-coding transcriptomes revealed by RNA-Seq”. Co-organization of a practical work (1 week) during the practical module (Gif-sur-Yvette).

- 2012-3: lectures during 3 session of the course “Introduction to analysis of high-throughput sequencing data in functional genomics” (code B190, UPMC, Paris).

- 2016: lecture during the 5th “Non-Coding Genome” international course (Institute Curie, Paris).

- Since 2020: co-organizer and scientific committee of the “Non-Coding Genome” international course (Curie Institute, Paris).

- 2023-24: courses in the Master programs “Biochemistry & Genetics of RNA” & “Molecular & Cellular Biology – Molecular Cancerology” (Sorbonne U.); Introduction to Genetic Research course (U. Paris Cité); research project tutorial for the European Master in Genetics (U. Paris Cité).

 Mentoring & supervision of students

 * 2018-22: co-supervision & co-direction of the PhD of S. Andjus.

* Since 2011: supervision of 10 students (bachelor, master 1 & 2).

* Member of doctoral advisory committees.

* Member of PhD evaluation committees.

* Since 2022: Master 2 jury (Sorbonne U.).

Management & supervision training

 * Lab Management & Leadership workshop for post-docs (2014).

* Management of a doctoral project (2019), Sorbonne University.

* Collective guidance for supervisors (2019-20), Sorbonne University.

* Supervision & professional development of PhD students (2022), Sorbonne-University.

 Institutional responsabilities

 * Person in Charge of Radioprotection (PCR) for the UMR 3244 (Curie Institute) – ‘Unsealed Sources’ certification (2015-2020)

* Reviewer + chair of the EU COFUND EuReCa PhD program (Curie Institute).

Reviewing & editorial commitment

* Peer-reviews for PNAS, RNA Biol., NARGAB, RNA, Non-coding RNA, Front. RNA Res., BBA and others.

* Editor of the book “mRNA Decay: Methods & Protocols” for Methods in Molecular Biology (Springer Nature) – in press.

* Guest editor of the Special Issue “Insights into antisense long non-coding RNAs metabolism and expression” of Non-Coding RNA (2022).

* Editorial board of Biomolecules (“Biomacromolecules: Nucleic Acids” section).

* Review Editor - Frontiers in RNA Research (“RNP Biogenesis and Function” section).

* Review of grant proposal reviewer (National Science Center Poland, 2021) and FNP prize (Foundation for Polish Science, 2024).

Membership of scientific societies

 * RNA society (member of the RNA Spotlights team, see

* French Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (SFBBM) – since 2018.

* French Society of Cancer (SFC).