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You will find below the list of job offers or internships submitted to us by our partners.     

These offers are free of charge, but in order to answer them you must contact the organizations concerned directly using information provided in the offer.     

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Intitulé du poste Organisme Nature du contrat Localisation du poste A pourvoir pour  
Stage de Master Institut de la Vision 18.02.2021 Stage Paris 01.04.2021
13 months Engineer Assistant position available at I2BC, Gif Sur Yvette (20 km from Paris- FRANCE) CNRS 17.02.2021 CDD Gif sur Yvette 01.04.2021
Post-doctoral contract: RNA dysregulation in juvenile ALS Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS-Université de Paris 27.01.2021 CDD Institut Jacques Monod 01.06.2021
PhD position in structural biology of IDP and protein-membrane interaction by NMR spectroscopy IECB / CBMN 13.01.2021 Thèse Bordeaux
Postdoc Position - RNA biology INSERM / Université Paris-Saclay, France Laboratoire INSERM U1204/SABNP 10/12/2020 CDD Université d'Evry 01.01.2021
2 PhD positions available at the Institute for Biochemistry, Leipzig Institute for Biochemistry, Leipzig University 10.11.2020 Thèse Institut de Biochimie, Leipzig Janvier 2021
Postdoctoral position mRNA Regulation and Development IGH MONTPELLIER 26.10.2020 CDI MONTPELLIER 01.01.2021
poste AI CNRS concours 2020 CNRS 05.06.2020 CDI Faculté de pharmacie, Paris 01.12.2020