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You will find below the list of job offers or internships submitted to us by our partners.     

These offers are free of charge, but in order to answer them you must contact the organizations concerned directly using information provided in the offer.     

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Intitulé du poste Organisme Nature du contrat Localisation du poste A pourvoir pour  
Postdoctoral or Research Engineer Position in multimodal imaging and correlative microscopy applied to intracellular signals from plant-microbe interactions UMR Agroécologie 25/03/2024 CDD Dijon july 2024
2 postes biochimie / polyvalent CHT Nouvelle-Calédonie 08/03/2024 Autre CHT Dumbéa 10.07.2024
Chargé-e de recherche en interactions bactériennes, communication intercellulaire et inter-espèces INRAE 05.02.2024 CDI 35000 RENNES 01.09.2024
poste MCU biochimie 2024 INSERM U1297 14/12/2023 CDI Toulouse 01/09/2024