Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire

Biochimie : A peer-reviewed international journal, publishing articles in English


BIOCHIMIE (SFBBM Journal) replaced in 1971 the Bulletin of the Société de Chimie Biologique, founded in 1914.

 In half a century, BIOCHIMIE has published more than 9,000 original articles, or reviews, and is amongst the best known and respected scientific journals in the field. BIOCHIMIE is an international journal published in English by Elsevier.

 BIOCHIMIE publishes original work, critical literature review articles, and mini-reviews in the broad field of biology, covering biochemistry, enzymology, molecular and cellular biology, metabolic regulations, genetics, immunology, microbiology, structural biology, " omics ” studies with functional validation, pharmaco-toxicology and molecular mechanisms of diseases. The 5-year impact factor is 4.104.

The journal regularly publishes special issues dedicated to research topics of particular interest.

 Articles are subject to peer review, and must meet the criteria of originality, scientific integrity and general interest of a large audience of readers. After acceptance, articles become accessible via the Elsevier website ScienceDirect( within 2-3 days, and abstracts are quickly published on PubMed.

 There is no publication fee unless the authors choose the possibility of publishing their articles in Open Access (; the members of the SFBBM receive a substantial discount in the APC open access charge.


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