Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire

Regard sur la biochimie : quarterly newsletter of the society

This is the journal of the SFBBM members. It publishes in French original manuscripts, reviews or opinions related to science or science and society.

Why "Regard sur la Biochimie" ?

1 january 1974 : Birth of the first issue of Regard sur la Biochemie. Its main purpose was to disseminate information about the Society's activities and recent aspects of research and teaching in biochemistry and molecular biology.

January 2006 : A new, more compact and colorful presentation replaced the yellow and black cover.

Juin 2014 : The newspaper is proposed with a first cover completely modified, rejuvenated and with a renewed interior presentation.

The Society's quarterly newsletter, "Regard sur la Biochimie", features news, short reviews on scientific topics, practical information and open forums.

Your comments, your impressions, but also your contributions are indispensable because "Regard sur la Biochimie" is your journal. Make it live by sending us original articles, reviews, opinions or syntheses of articles that you have passionate.


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