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Post-doc position - Chromatin architecture and gene expression


A post-doctoral position is available in the thriving city of Lyon (France) to study the molecular mechanisms by which RNA helicases control gene expression in a 3-dimensional genomic context, with a special focus on RNA splicing.

The project will investigate the connections between the epigenome, the 3D architecture of chromatin and the regulation of gene expression (especially alternative splicing) in cancer cells and/or in the context of neuronal differentiation. He/she will focus on the function of RNA helicases in this cross-talk, by integrating data obtained from high-throughput approaches and molecular and cellular biology experiments.

The candidate must be motivated by fundamental biological questions and eager to interact with people with different backgrounds (biologists and bioinformaticians). Candidates with strong skills in molecular biology including gene transcription and splicing, epigenetics, chromatin biology and/or functional genomics, are warmly encouraged to apply. Competences in bio-informatics analyses (ChIPseq, RNAseq…) would be advantageous but are not a prerequisite.

Importantly, the position is not funded and the candidate will have to apply for a fellowship from french (Fondation ARC, FRM...) and/or international (EMBO...) organizations, which will be discussed depending on the candidate's profile.
As deadlines for some of these applications fall as early as mid-february, candidates are urged to apply as soon as possible.

Our team, headed by Didier Auboeuf, is internationally recognized for its expertise in high-throughput analyses of gene expression (especially RNA splicing) and for its overall contribution to our knowledge about gene expression regulation in mammals. It is well funded and is composed of a dozen of people (wet lab biologists and bio-informaticians), including 3 permanent scientists.

The Laboratory of Biology and Modeling of the Cell (LBMC) of ENS-Lyon hosts a dozen of internationally competitive teams that investigate the molecular basis of major cellular functions, using a variety of cellular and organism experimental models, and giving a strong priority to biocomputing approaches. The LBMC benefits from state-of-the-art equipement and technological facilities, either in house or on the highly dynamic research campus of Gerland.

Lyon is the 2nd research and higher education center in France, and it offers a great diversity of work opportunities. It is well connected to major european cities (and beyond) by high-speed train lines and over 100 direct flight connections worldwide. Classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and widely considered as the french capital of gastronomy, Lyon has a rich artistic and cultural offer, but it is also a modern and dynamic city which offers a vibrant quality of life.

Recent publications

  • Giraud, Terrone and Bourgeois CF (2018). Functions of DEAD box RNA helicases DDX5 and DDX17 in chromatin organization and transcriptional regulation. BMB Rep. 51(12): 613-622.
  • Lambert et al. (2018). The RNA helicase DDX17 controls the transcriptional activity of REST and the expression of proneural microRNAs in neuronal differentiation. Nucleic Acids Res. 46:7686-770.
  • Bourgeois, Mortreux and Auboeuf D. (2016). The multiple functions of RNA helicases as drivers and switchers of the genetic information flow. Nature Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. 17:426-438
  • Dardenne et al. (2014). RNA Helicases DDX5 and DDX17 dynamically orchestrate transcription, miRNA, and splicing programs in cell differentiation. Cell Rep. 7:1900-13.

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