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A Post-doctoral position is open at the Biosystems and Process Engineering Laboratory (LISBP) located on the grounds of the INSA-Toulouse, France. The laboratory is associated to the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA, UMR INSA-INRA 792) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, UMR INSA-CNRS 5504). The project will be carried out at Toulouse White Biotechnology Centre of Excellence (TWB), a pre-industrial demonstrator in the field of industrial biotechnology. A

Research topic:

This project falls within the scope of white biotechnology and will explore innovative and sustainable routes for the eco-friendly functionalization of tailor-made polysaccharides called a-glucans based on the exclusive usage of enzymes. These polysaccharides, produced by Lactic acid bacteria from sucrose (a cheap and abundant agro-resource), are homopolymers of glucosyl units containing alpha-1,2, alpha-1,3, alpha-1,4 or alpha-1,6 osidic linkages. The size (high or low molar mass), the linkage type and the branching degree are controlled by the specificity of the a-transglucosylases involved in their synthesis, thus giving access to an amazing diversity of architectures for a wide range of applications in medicine, fine chemistry and food. Enzymatic modification of these scaffolds will be at the core of the project to further extend the polymer functionalities and will comprise 4 main research axes: i) screening of a set of modifying enzymes and selection of the best candidates, ii) identification of the molecular determinants involved in alpha-glucan recognition and modification, iii) optimization of functionalization using enzyme engineering and/or process engineering iv) implementation of a process for g scale polymer production and evaluation by the TWB industrial partners involved in the project.


We are looking for a highly motivated scientist who has research background and expertise with a PhD degree in a number of areas including:

In biology/biochemistry: Biochemistry and molecular biology; enzyme recombinant expression and purification; Design of experiments and enzyme reactors

In analytical chemistry: Polymer characterization by HPSEC and HPAEC-PAD chromatography; 1H-13C-NMR 1D, 2D; LC/MS, Maldi-TOF MS, permethylation analyses (GC-MS).


Our group focuses its research to demonstrate the efficiency and the competitiveness of innovative and relevant enzyme-based processes for biotechnology. Our activities are divided into i) the acquisition of high quality fundamental knowledge regarding enzyme structure-function relationships, ii) the development of advanced technologies for enzyme discovery and engineering and iii) the implementation of enzyme-based processes. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the objective is to establish a continuum from basic to applied research, in order to identify original catalysts and/or develop accurate and generic methods for protein engineering. We have acquired an international recognition in the field of carbohydrate active-enzymes.

Applicants should enjoy teamwork, must be highly autonomous and have very good communication skills. Good English skills are required and notions of French would be a plus. 

The position starting date is October 2018. The duration is of 12 months at start, with a possibility of one year renewal.


Applicants should send as soon as possible (before august 20th) CV, summary of previous research and contact references to Magali Remaud-Simeon ( and Claire Moulis (

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