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Post-doc in Single-Cell Molecular Biology & Microfluidics

Architecture et Réactivité de l'ARN - CNRS - Université de Strasbourg

A post-doc position (18 to 24 months) will be available starting from October 1st 2018 in the team “Digital Biology of RNA” headed by Michael Ryckelynck in IBMC (Strasbourg-France). The team is specialized in the development and the use of droplet-based microfluidics to address biological questions related to the study of gene expression regulation, especially those involving non-coding RNAs. More specifically, the team develops tools and technologies aiming at characterizing gene expression with single-cell resolution to precisely understand how gene expression is controlled throughout a cell population while preserving information on cell-to-cell variability.

As a first approach to address this question, the team develops new RNA-based fluorogenic probes1 and biosensors using ultrahigh-throughput screenings methodologies that exploit droplet-based microfluidics in tandem with Next Generation Sequencing. This strategy recently allowed the development of fluorogenic aptamers with superior properties2,3 that shall make possible to monitor the expression of non-coding RNA genes in a very near future.

In parallel, the team develops methodologies aiming at analyzing the transcriptome and the proteome of a cell population while keeping a single-cell resolution and in a massively parallel manner. To this end, the team has recently developed and patented innovative tools, especially a support-free barcoding technology making the use of beads and other solid supports dispensable. Briefly, upon cells encapsulation and lysis within the droplets, a DNA barcode (unique to each cell but common to every molecule contained into the same droplet) is added to each target molecule contained into a given droplet. Next, upon NGS analysis, barcodes are used to reassign each molecule to the cell it originates from, making it possible to analyze a large number of target molecules throughout the whole population while maintaining single-cell resolution. We now wish to apply this technology to cell samples (bacteria and mammalian cells) and to further adapt it to the specific analysis a biologically relevant RNA subsets. To this end, we are seeking a highly motivated post-doc with a strong expertise in molecular biology and/or microfluidics. In particular, the candidate should have experience in the use and optimization of molecular biology procedures involving nucleic acids (e.g. preparation of DNA libraries for NGS analysis). Applications (CV, list of publications and 2 references) should be sent to Michael Ryckelynck (

1. Bouhedda, F., Autour, A. & Ryckelynck, M. (2018). Light-Up RNA Aptamers and Their Cognate Fluorogens: From Their Development to Their Applications. International journal of molecular sciences, 19

2. Autour, A., S, C. Y. J., A, D. C., Abdolahzadeh, A., Galli, A., Panchapakesan, S. S. S., Rueda, D., Ryckelynck, M. & Unrau, P. J. (2018). Fluorogenic RNA Mango aptamers for imaging small non-coding RNAs in mammalian cells. Nature communications, 9, 656.

3. Autour, A., Westhof, E. & Ryckelynck, M. (2016). iSpinach: a fluorogenic RNA aptamer optimized for in vitro applications. Nucleic acids research, 44, 2491-2500.

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