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Postdoc Biochemistry and Structure of RNPs


Job opening for postdoctoral researcher to join the “mRNA processing” team at IGBMC, Strasbourg.

The newly created “mRNA maturation” team at IGBMC (Strasbourg, France) is looking for a postdoc to join the SPLIFEM project funded by an ERC Starting Grant.

This position would be ideal for a biochemist and/or structural biologist (cryo-EM/crystallography) interested in the structure and function of large protein/RNA assemblies.

The selected candidate will carry out a mechanistic study of the human spliceosome aimed at unravelling how it ensures the fidelity of pre-mRNA splicing. For this, the researcher will use a combination of biochemical and structural biology methods: ribonucleoprotein complexes reconstitution from cell extracts and/or recombinant sources, cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry… The IGBMC has an exceptional scientific environment particularly well suited for this ambitious project. In particular, the institute hosts several cutting-edge technological platforms (electron microscopy equipped with two Titan Krios and a Glacios; cell culture; protein production; molecular biology; mass spectrometry, etc.)

Candidates with relevant background (biochemistry and/or structural biology) and motivated by such a project are encouraged to apply by sending a CV and a cover letter to the team leader, Clément Charenton.

Ideally, this position is to be filled from the summer of 2023 and for a period of two years. Salary will depend on applicant's experience.


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