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Call for new teams to join LBPA


The LBPA is looking to recruit two young teams, starting 2022, to develop independent research programs in the fields of molecular modeling and of fundamental virology.


Candidate teams should have expertise in the following broadly defined fields :

- Molecular modeling of the dynamics of biomolecular complexes, without limitation on the scale of the dynamics or the nature of the complexes studied (protein/D(R)NA-ligand, protein-protein, large protein-DNA complexes …).

- For virology, applications are welcome that feature approaches spanning from structural studies to cellular studies in the context of infection. Outstanding research on the development of antivirals is encouraged.


About LBPA. LBPA (Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology) is a research institute under the joint tutelage of CNRS and Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) Paris-Saclay, located in the new ENS Paris-Saclay campus in Gif-sur-Yvette, at the heart of Université Paris-Saclay. LBPA is an integrative biology laboratory: we are specialists in research at the molecular and cellular scales, and we employ a dual approach combining the fundamental study of the interactions and molecular mecanisms involved in pathologies, with applications in diagnosis and therapeutics. This duality is at the heart of our activities, with the objective of better understanding living systems, biological functions and their misregulation in pathologies, particularly in the field of infectiology (virology); LBPA is notably equipped with a 100 m2 biosafety level III (L3) laboratory.


Website :


Applicants are invited to submit prior to October 22, 2021 :

  • a full CV of the PI including a list of publications
  • a brief description of previous work and main achievements (2 pages max)
  • a research proposal (2 pages max)

to Eric Deprez, director of LBPA,

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