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Call for applications for new research groups to launch an independent program or to strengthen established teams

CNRS - The Functional and Adaptive Biology Laboratory


The Unit of Functional and Adaptive Biology (BFA) is one of the Research Units present on the Campus des Grands Moulins of Université de Paris (Faculty of Sciences). The BFA unit conducts research in Integrative Biology. Research topics in BFA aim to better understand the biological mechanisms underlying human adaptation to environmental and/or internal perturbations (endocrine, metabolic or genetic inputs) in physiological or pathophysiological contexts. Current research topics include five main scientific domains: Nutrition, Degenerative pathologies and aging, Reproduction, Toxicology, Computational Modeling. Investigations rely on a wide array of methodologies ranging from cellular, biochemical, molecular and computer-based approaches to non-invasive analysis of physiological parameters.

The unit, UMR 8251 CNRS ? Université de Paris, is composed of 8 research teams among which 2 constitute the ERL INSERM U1133. BFA comprises 83 people with permanent position : 16 full time researchers, 32 researchers with teaching duties 4 clinicians and 31 engineers, technicians and administrative assistants. There are also about 30-40 non-permanent staff (PhD students and postdoctoral fellows/contracts) and about 50 trainees. The Director is Jean-Marie Dupret and the deputy director is Joëlle Cohen- Tannoudji, both professors at Université de Paris.

In view of the next five-year contract, the BFA Laboratory invites applications from either established or emerging outstanding groups to

launch a new research group and/or to reinforce the existing BFA Laboratory teams. Individual applications are also welcomed. Laboratory space will be offered as well as a full access to the numerous and state-of-the- art core facilities provided by BFA and the Campus des Grands Moulins (imaging, mass spectrometry, proteomics, functional and physiol ogical exploration, animal facility, computational biology ???...)

Applications should include: curriculum vitae, a short description of scientific achievements (1-2 pages max), a detailed research program (5 pages max).
Applications should be sent before april 15th 2021. Pre-selected candidates will be invited for interview in may 2021.

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