Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire

The 2020 FEBS Congress 4-9 July 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Opportunities for early-career SFBBM members at the FEBS Congress 2020

SFBBM members may be eligible for two schemes at the 45th FEBS Congress
in Krakow that are aimed at encouraging participation of the next
generation of researchers:

    -FEBS Congress bursaries for early-career researchers presenting
their work at the event
    -FEBS YSF grants for PhD students and postdocs selected to attend the
FEBS Young Scientists' Forum (YSF) before moving on to the FEBS Congress

See the FEBS Congress website,
Key deadlines:
Young Scientists' Forum: December 15, 2019
FEBS Bursaries: March 5, 2020
Abstract submission: March 5, 2020

Dear colleagues,

We will be organizing a a CNRS-supported Summer school from October 6 to
10, devoted to small regulatory RNAs (microRNAs, siRNAs and piRNAs).
Unlike traditional scientific meetings, CNRS-supported Summer schools
feature coordinated lectures, in order to present a given scientific
domain with a clear pedagogical perspective, with an encylopedic view
(the first lectures will be devoted to general aspects of small RNAs,
then the following lectures will progressively explore more specialized
topics, in order to bring a global, consistent and up-to-date view on
this scientific domain).

Registration is free for CNRS and Inserm employees, and reduced
registration fees are offered to the employees of other academic
institutions and to students. This Summer school will be limited to 40
attendees: pre-registration is open till June 7, then the organizing
committee will select attendees among pre-registered candidates.

Information and pre-registration are accessible on the Summer school's

Looking forward to see you in October in Sète,

        The organization committee